Programs & Workshops

Whether it is a yearlong program, a one-day workshop, or an hour webinar, our combination of experiential and practical learning helps our clients shift limiting paradigms, raise self-awareness, learn critical skills, build resilience, and expand capacity as leaders.

We offer in person and virtual options. Below are some of our most popular listings, designed and facilitated by our talented team.


Whole Health Leadership™ is a transformational program based on our proprietary system that helps leaders choose leverage points and make strategic choices that will bring them greater vitality, resilience, balance, happiness, and success. If you want your leaders, teams, and organization to thrive, not just survive, this program is for you.

Leadership Learning Circles is a highly successful program that builds strong leaders, culture, wellbeing, and community fibers that expand into the organization. Leaders learn from each other and build a portfolio of practical skills to elevate their leadership capacity. This program includes 12-36 leaders and can be developed for women only or a more diverse set of participants (co-designed with Stacey Sargent).


  • Whole Health Leadership™ – Choosing Wellbeing and Success
  • Navigating Change Amidst Uncertainty
  • Focusing Your Time and Energy Effectively
  • Inner Critic Inner Success
  • Building Your Personal Board of Directors
  • Executive Presence for Introverts
  • Owning Your Rank and Power
  • Scaling Up Leadership
  • Taking Risks – Beyond Theory and into Action
  • Audaciously Elegant Visibility and Self Promotion
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