Some of Our Clients

“I began working with Jan at a time when my career growth and opportunities were not on the path that I wanted. Jan approached the challenge of defining my goals in a holistic way, identifying life goals which helped me clarify what was truly important to me. To this day when I have a complex or difficult decision to make, I hear Jan saying to me, ‘all choices are health choices.’ Once goals were identified, Jan coached me through creation of a detailed plan to drive toward achieving them. She always held me accountable to making progress with encouragement and support. My role transition and promotion to partner were made possible by my work with Jan. I couldn’t recommend a better coach to help you achieve your goals.”

Cindy Louis Wallace, General Manager, Microsoft

“I give my highest recommendation for Jan and her team for personal coaching, leadership development, and professional development. As my executive coach, Jan was instrumental in helping me to slow down, understand my triggers, and change the way I approached conversations with others. She is a fantastic listener and her questioning technique gets to ‘real’ issues quickly without being abrasive or intrusive. Her guidance and support not only impacted me professionally in helping me land a promotion, but had a palpable impact on my personal life, choices, and relationships with others.”

Mike Monroe, President, HR Benefits, Inc., WTIA

“I was at this point where I had achieved my 5-7 year goals, but I was miserable. I consistently put myself last and it was taking a toll on my health, my family, my marriage. It was hard to balance being a good mother and my career vision, and there wasn’t room for anything else. The Leadership Learning Circles Program helped me see that I wasn’t alone, build a support network, develop critical leadership and life skills, and gain confidence to change my priorities. The result was that I felt re-energized and became even more successful personally and professionally. I have since sponsored this program numerous times at Microsoft with great ROI for participants and the company.”

Terrell Cox, General Manager, Azure, Microsoft

“Over the last decade working with Jan as a development partner to my teams, we have been able to tackle management benefits such reducing meeting times, simplifying and speeding up decision making, and improving organizational structures through leveraging, role clarification, and goal prioritization activities. But more critical to our business, Jan has helped each of us identify short- and long-term plans and visions, the roadmaps to get there, and both the soft and hard skills to be better managers of our teams and colleagues to one another at the executive level.”

EJ Blanchfield, Chief Operations Officer, Point B

“Brilliant speaker. Really spoke to the heart. Want more like this in the future!”

– Audience member, Microsoft Global Women’s Conference

“Jan’s holistic approach to leadership meant that not only did we examine my career path, but we went deep on the whole picture. Everything is inter-related, and her guidance helped me uncover aspects of my life that I didn’t even realize were having an impact on my health and professional success. Working with Jan truly transformed the way I exist. Through her guidance, I was able to more deeply understand what helps me thrive. I make decisions differently now. I am more centered. More balanced. A stronger leader. And, I’m not only pursuing what I love, but have reaped amazing professional benefits because I show up differently. Thank you!”

Meg Dryer, Vice President User Experience, Cambia Health Solutions

“Jan’s thoughtfully engaged coaching sessions pushed me to become a better leader. As a coach, she is able to slice through your self-created visceral fears to guide you to your ideal outcome, all while never letting you off the hook. Thanks to Jan’s tutelage, I achieved the promotion I had been working towards.”

Mike Mackley, Business Development Manager, Tom Douglas Restaurants

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